All Guide to Radio Stations and Voice Overs

Having a specific position which gives you a particular radio show every-day for a particular time in which you receive lots of calls and fan moments is dream of every future RJ and voice over artist!! After all, everyone wants to attract large number of audience towards themselves for a time being with the speaking skills!

However, unfortunately, only a few achieve their aim and excel to get a show in radio station. These a few people are not talented individuals. They are not super-intelligent. All they have different is that they are passionate. They are keen to fulfil their dream and feel the sense of fulfilment. They do what others don’t do in their spare time. 

Do you want to know what they do in their free time? If yes, then read below!

  1. Practice: Unlike others who prefer sleep over work, they practice their skills. They read books loudly to keep their habit of talking clearly by opening their mouth completely. 
  2. Intonations: They polish their skills of speaking with intonations. They try to make their speech full of rhythms to keep the listeners engaged. For this, they read a book (not complete) daily. They read aloud to keep their skills updated in their mind.
  3. Drink warm water: They take care of their diet as well. They don’t drink cold water or eat too much spicy food in order to keep their voice box and all parts related to speech fit and healthy
  4. Workshops and Courses: To keep themselves updates, they keep on learning every new technique by attending and enrolling themselves in different workshops and courses. They subscribed to different courses on Coursera to carry on their learning process.
  5. Reading: They give importance to reading and learning. They read daily and write daily in order to keep themselves creative and turn themselves into factory of ideas and out-of-the-box thoughts.
  6. Work more than others: They don’t perform their duties only. They do more than their duties. They assist producers and writers. They give their point of views as well. They make bonds with the team members to make the show memorable for themselves as well.

So, these are six basic things that successful English, Urdu or Arabic voice over artists and RJs do inside and outside their audio recording studio in Dubai or USA and struggling artists don’t do. 

Author: admin