Common PHP myths debunked

Php is one of the open source programming language used out there and while most of the people aim for WordPress website development company for the task of developing a website, Dubai custom PHP website is still created and used by several developers and clients out there. Yet there are a few myths surrounding it which is why here we will bunk them for you so you can take its full advantage:

  • Php has security issues

Yes it is true that because of being an open source, PHP seems to be vulnerable to hackers and attackers and while this stands true, this doesn’t mean that other sites which are open source are safe. It is the responsibility of the developer to look for such ways and assessments that they can manage to keep the site safe and its integrity in check.

  • Php doesn’t have a bigger scale

People believe that Php doesn’t have a better scale which is completely false considering the fact that some of the world’s top sites and the most visited ones are running on PHP. In fact one of the biggest advantages of php is that it is supported by all web browsers which is why scalability is not the problem here.

  • Php is slow because you can’t compile it

While it is true that php does not have a built in compiler, the same stands true for several other such programming languages. Python has a built in complier which would provide you the compiled code but this does not mean that php by any means could be ruled out. You can use other extended accelerator which will help you in compiling the code and help you in bringing one of the largest sites together.

  • Your developing speed will be slowed down

This does not stand true for every developer as this solely depends on the developer, their speed and their experience with the language. While there are other frameworks such as Ruby and rails they only make the work easier with some added features but once you get the grip of the coding on any one of them, you can simply enjoy the developing process without being slowed down.

There are so many other myths, but before believing them, do your research once and then decide yourself.

Author: admin