How to remain creative?

Everyone wants to remain creative in their whole life but no one works for it. However, it is not easy as well. But there are ways to remain idiot child who would be exploded with numerous ideas at a time. 

Do you want to be like that child? If yes, then scroll down and click for more info to read who article!

Healthy lifestyle: Don’t try to look cool by having worse lifestyle which includes:

  1. Going to bed after 12am
  2. Waking up 15 minutes before going to work
  3. Sugary food
  4. Lots of carb, and 
  5. Too much caffeine.

Try to have healthy lifestyle in which you would go to bed and wake up early and have exercise on daily basis. Exercise and sound sleep keeps your brain healthy. Exercise improve cognitive skills and sleep give time to your brain to refresh the whole body and brain itself. And this helps in keeping creative because creativity needs fresh mind. 

Reading: Build habit of reading and writing because reading gives you exposure to different worlds and fields. Try to read different kinds of books so that you can gain knowledge of different fields. Knowledge explode different ideas in brain which are the synonym to creativity. Reading gives ideas. Try to flush out those ideas on piece of paper. It will not only save them from forgetting but it will make you expressive, thus making you able to translate your ideas and thought into words in a better way. And that’s what creativity is. So, read, write, edit and become a colourful person.

Lear, learn and learn: It is not creativity to stop learning. It is creativity to keep on learning. Try to enrol yourself in different courses. Although, you might not understand most of the things, they will help you to make ideas and create thoughts that can help you in personal development and career as well. It will make you reliable and preferable employee in every coworking space because every office want such employee who can help client in numerous ways. 

Experience: Try to get lots of experience. Try different things. Try different restaurants and dishes. Try different ways to reach home. Have conversation with new and strangers. Have a visit at different places every Sunday. It will give you different experiences which will keep your brain active to get ideas. 

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