The Birth of Psychology

The birth of psychology takes place from world’s most famous philosophy trio known as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. It was them who founded the basis of psychology and gave name to the depressing state of people as mental illness. We will take a brief look at their services in the field of psychology.

The first is the Socrates. He believed that questioning people is the answer to everything. He constantly engaged in conversation with every individual irrespective of their age and heard their opinions. He said that he knows that he knows nothing which became the Socratic dialogue which we use till date. If we start to think that we know, we will stop questioning things around us which will be the doom. This is exactly what we do in psychiatry in Dubai where the client is asked several questions about their life and existence because we are completely oblivious to it, after knowing about their true selves it is then only possible to determine the problem and its possible cause.

Next up is Plato. Plato was Socrates friend and their idea of taking things a step further worked greatly when Plato started an academy or institution for systematic study and scientific teaching. Plato was deeply concerned with virtues of the human soul and this is why he urged his students to become independent thinkers. He believed that a life worth living is the only life reasoned by your own thoughts and opinions.

Plato’s student was Aristotle who was the tutor of Alexander the great. Aristotle’s main concern was the relation between psychological processes in the human mind and physiological phenomenon which underlies the human body and how these two are connected. Soon he concluded that body and mind exists as the facets of one another and while the body carries out daily processes and tasks mind controls the functions. Body is just a puppet of the mind. He believed that not all animals think because thinking requires an imagery description of the task and not all animals except for men have the diversified process of recognizing the beauties and marvels of the universe and putting them together with the ability of thinking and then questioning.

Even though all of these had their own set of beliefs they still were all related to human psyche and their efforts were recognized.

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